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We are dedicated to empowering hemp-derived brands to achieve their full potential in the emerging hemp CPG market. With a team of seasoned professionals and a wealth of industry experience, we offer end-to-end services: brand management, manufacturing, national distribution, and fulfillment, all on our three acre campus.

We Offer End-to-End Solutions for your Hemp-Derived Products

Brand Management

End-to End Services

Our brand management team works directly with
our clients to provide a seamless experience 
with our manufacturing, distribution, and 
fulfillment partners.


Nationwide Distribution Services

Our distribution provides in-house wholesale distribution services that are tracked and traced by our powerful hemp supply chain software. We provide technology, warehousing, parcel transport, and strategic partnerships for hemp product
distribution nationwide.


Secured Licensed Facility

Our facility features over 3 acres of secure, licensed space to service every brand. From pre-rolls to beverages you can count on us to deliver the best
hemp products as you grow your CPG market.


Direct-to-Consumer Order Fulfillment

We understand first hand the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the United States hemp market. We’re here to simplify your e-commerce fulfillment, protect your online brand, and enhance your customer experience.

Fast and Professional

How It Works

We strive to elevate your experience with our unique approach. We understand firsthand the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the United States hemp market.

We provide you with access to lab-quality, bulk active ingredient solutions using the most cutting-edge emulsion technologies that currently exist in the market to fulfill your manufacturing needs. These ingredients include bulk hemp flower, biomass, THCv, THCa, CBG, CBC, CBN, delta-8 THC, and other minor cannabinoid specialty blends.

Schedule a discovery call

Whether you are an existing brand or a new brand, we want to talk to you! In this discovery call, we find out what your needs are and how we can assist you in bringing your products to market. 

Onboard Your PRODUCTS

We will fully assess your needs and create, refine, and province due diligence on your SOPs and formulation cards. We prepare your products for a smooth manufacturing experience.


Once you have gone through our onboarding process we will manufacture, package, and prepare your products for distribution or fulfillment.

Distribute your products

Say goodbye to transport fees. Our distribution center resides in the same manufacturing facility for ease and cost savings.


We are able to store and provide pack and ship solutions for all our clients. This cost effective method allows you to sell from your own website and own your consumer data.